Things to know about Virginia Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits

Throughout America, the cases of elder abuse are constantly rising. Statistics have shown that one in every ten elders above the age of60 has experienced abuse. Every year, over five million cases of elder abuse come from nursing homes. Besides physical abuse and abandonment, sexual and emotional abuse is on the rise in Virginia nursing homes. Unfortunately, most nursing home elder abuses get unnoticed by the family members of the older adult. Such older victims are either afraid to report the crime or embarrassed to admit the sufferings. Older adults are vulnerable to nursing home abuses. Victims often go through pain and suffering at the hands of people who are responsible for their wellbeing. If you’re your ageing parents or a loved one has suffered abuse at the hands of nursing home staff, you should look for an elder abuse attorney near me to file a lawsuit.

One goes through extensive research when looking for the perfect nursing home and assisted living facility for ageing parents. You probably might have screened numerous nursing homes, talked to countless care home managers, and toured nursing homes before admitting your parents. But at times, our efforts and intentions can go done the drain when it comes to caring for elderly parents. Nothing can be more devastating or infuriating to learn that your dear ones have fallen victim to negligence and abuse. If an older adult has sustained injuries and trauma due to nursing home abuse, they are entitled to compensation for their damages. Many elder abuse lawyers review elder abuse cases without consultation costs. One can also file a lawsuit against the care facility and staff who have caused the elder person pain. You can file an elder abuse lawsuit to seek compensation for suffering, medical cost, pain, and injuries.

Every nursing home and care facility is responsible for making safeguarding and protecting its residents. They are required by the law to maintain their facility and offer high-quality care to their older residents.

Reasons for filing a nursing home abuse lawsuit

Most nursing home abuse lawsuits are filed to hold the caregiving facility accountable for the inhumane treatment and abuse to its older residents. Such lawsuits also help the victim get compensation for medical expenses incurred in order to treat injuries given by the nursing home staff. Since some abuse injuries require long-term care and treatment, seeking compensation helps the person support such medical treatments.

Not every resident in a care facility can file a lawsuit or take legal actions against the perpetrator. However, if even one resident is capable enough to raise their voice, other victims can be saved. Your effort will go a long way in improving the lives of many who are suffering at the hands of professional caregivers.  

Who can file a nursing home lawsuit in Virginia?

Any elderly person admitted to a care facility like a rehab centre, assisted living facility, or nursing home who has suffered abuse or has been treated abusively can file a lawsuit. According to the elder law, the family members of such an individual can also file a nursing home abuse lawsuit.